Monday, June 1, 2009

DHS Memo Vindicated?

I'm hearing on the left-wing blogosphere that the controversial memo by the Department of Homeland Security which warned law enforcement about the possibility that domestic terrorists may arise from pro-life groups, among veterans, and among right-wing "anti-government" activists is now vindicated because an abortionist was assassinated in a church.

First, my opinion on the murder. Tiller, the abortionist, was a murderer. But it isn't up to a private citizen to kill him. Biblically (you did know that this site was from a Biblical perspective, right?) we are to abide by the rules of our government, and we are not to do evil so that good may come. The law says that murder is illegal. Just because one man murders children doesn't change what the law says. What Tiller's murderer did was wrong. He had no authority to commit murder. The authority to take a life comes from God, thus it comes from the Earthly authorities established by God. We cannot take it upon ourselves to do it. His murderer could have done far more to help the unborn, and the pro-life movement, by simply distributing flyers, by getting pictures and videos of abortion in front of as many sets of eyes as possible. See my previous post for more on this.

As for whether the controversial report was vindicated, the answer is no, because the argument was never over whether or not somebody might murder an abortionist. It's already happened and will probably happen again. The argument was over the President's political enemies being singled out for attention from law enforcement, for the smearing of veterans, pro-lifers, people who attend rallies, listen to Rush Limbaugh, belong to the NRA, watch NASCAR, watch John Wayne movies, go to church, etc. For people described as being a threat to the government when all they are is a (non-violent) threat to the political power of the people currently in charge.