Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Okay, I Couldn't Resist

A good example of a "liberal Christian" being dead wrong, and highlighting exactly what's wrong with so many of them.

"As Christians of a progressive persuasion, we are very good at listening, at empathizing, understanding the other side’s hurt, at walking a mile in their shoes. We look to reach compromise, to make everyone happy, or at least leave no one upset. And this is a good thing, a Christ-like thing, that we should never lose."

Reaching compromise, trying to make everybody happy, and he's saying these are Christ-like things? Did Christ reach a compromise when He said the only way to the Father is through Him? Did He try to make everybody happy when He up-ended the traders' tables in the temple? When He said that families would be divided because of Him? When he incensed the religious authorities of the day by ministering to prostitutes and tax-collectors?

Jesus never compromised, He was unerring in His commitment to His Godly ethics, He could do no less.

The author of this blog goes on to talk about the coming schism in the Lutheran church over the ordination of openly gay, sexually active clergy. He claims that it's better to have a schism than to compromise on the Gospel itself, which made me think he was on the side of the conservatives. But no! In his deceived brain (I use the word "deceive" for a reason, let the reader understand) it is the dismissal of Biblical ethics on sexuality and its proper role that is adhering to the Gospel. He has been deceived into thinking he is remaining faithful to God but whatever he is being faithful to, it is neither God nor His Word.

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